Wednesday, July 11, 2018

And here I find myself posting on this old blog as I feel thefeel the need feel the need to document everything I'm currently going through right now it is 2018 last year Thanksgiving 2017 shortly after Thanksgiving a couple days after Thanksgiving actually I had a a stroke. I was in a coma for one week when I woke up I was paralyzed on my left side I am currently paralyzed I cannot move my left arm or my left leg I have trouble standing and I can't movemove around unless I'm using my wheelchair which I am so grateful my family had immediately bought for me II also use a walker and a cane

Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/23/2016 Update For Our Crowdfunding Backers

You guys are amazing with all your support and positive comments through facebook, emails, and even bumping into some of you guys in person.

Here's what's going on.
1) We've officially updated and the movie is now Officially Released on DVD as well as Digital Download. We were going to wait a little longer til all the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo DVD's were out first but alot of you wanted to buy extras, and then the link for the store got out, so we went ahead and made the official announcement.
2) We've been shipping the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo DVD's out in batches as well as alot of the perks, if you haven't gotten yours yet, don't fret, it's on the way. I've got messages from some of you who have gotten them already. So glad you have them now and are enjoying them. We're shipping to all the verified addresses first, meaning the addresses we know for certain are correct or that you all have confirmed is the correct address. We're going to send out an update to let everyone know once we've shipped everything that way we can make sure every one is getting what they are supposed to.
3) The behind the scenes making of R.E.D.D. has grown into it's own movie. The full-length documentary will be released online for free. Here's a sample of the first 5 minutes of the movie which will give you a glimpse of the struggles we had to go through making this movie.

4) Back in 2012 we had a video that celebrated our successful Kickstarter. To celebrate the release of the movie now, I've updated the video with new footage. This is also a huge thank you to all the people that helped make this movie happen.

 5) Some of you have actually asked if there was going to be a sequel and what I'll be working on next. There is a sequel written but we won't even look at that til we knock out a few more movies. Coming up next is a new feature film which we'll be talking more about this year. It's another action adventure with horror elements, but this time about Fairies. I'll be talking more about that and other projects this year and if you wanna follow along feel free to like WTW on Facebook.
6) There is a links page up on where we wanna show support for alot of out friends and folks who've supported us. And we'd love to help spread the word and links to any of our Kickstarter and IndieGoGo backers. If you have a banner for a site or link for your project that you wanna spread the word about, feel free to contact me or send me info at
Feel free to like us through all our social media.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Now Available on DVD and Digital Download

After 4 years of work (More like 5 and a half years) it's strange for this to be a finished film and out on DVD. Going the self distribution route is going to take alot of work, but I'm confident it's the right path for our movie.  A dollar from every DVD and Digital Download sold is going to Cancer Charities. Right now we'll be donating to the Cancer Research Institute. This is our way of creating something while trying to solve a problem and it's something I am going to continue to do with each project we produce.  Do us a favor, check out, watch the videos, read about us, and if you feel it, make a purchase from our store. Support Indie Film and Cancer Charities.

- Patrick

Direct Links:

Get the DVD directly through Kunaki:

Download the movie through

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Special thanks to the Wages of Cine Podcast for giving us such an awesome review. So happy you guys enjoyed it.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Diy Life (Sample)

The first 5 minutes of the moviemaking documentary A Diy Life (The Making of The Sci-Fi Adventure R.E.D.D.)

Creating the behind the scenes of the making of my feature film R.E.D.D. has become a movie on its own. Detailing all the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the tragedies and the triumphs that have occurred while making this movie has been therapeutic. Hoping other people can benefit from hearing about what we went through making this movie. The entire documentary will be released online at the end of the month.

Learn more about the Indie Feature Film R.E.D.D.
Now out on Digital Download.
DVD release soon.

Monday, October 26, 2015


For Immediate Release

Patrick A. Prejusa - -

Indie Film Vs. Cancer

Grand Prairie, Texas-October 26th, 2015
Indie Filmmaker Patrick A. Prejusa has created an epic Sci-Fi Adventure movie utilizing old school Star Wars style special fx. Building model ships out of plastic bottles and designing giant werewolf costumes out of duct tape and cardboard, he has created an impressve movie that has already been an official selection at The Indie Film Fest in Switzerland and the Film Spark Film Festival.

Forgoing the traditional distribution route, Patrick has decided to ignore distributors and attempt self ditributing the movie himself. In honor of his mother who is a breast cancer survivor, a dollar from every sale of the film is going to Cancer Charities.

Just in time for Halloween, the movie, which features an Action Sci-Fi version of Red Riding Hood fighting Monsters, is being distributed digitally at It's being released Wednesday October 28th and will be available to purchase for download or to stream as a rental.

The movie was shot in North Carolina and parts of DFW, TX. and Grand Prairie and edited in Grand Prairie, TX. R.E.D.D. is a fantasy action adventure filled with horror twists, surprising comedy, and proper nods to kung fu, and sci-fi flicks. This is a low-budget flick made on a shoe string budget, financed through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. This is movie is the ultimate in epic indie moviemaking.

Sci-Fi Author John Davis calls R.E.D.D. "The Most Creative movie of 2015" and says that "R.E.D.D. is smart, funny, and well done from start to finish."

Written and Directed by Patrick A. Prejusa

Download Press Pics:

Patrick A. Prejusa